The lady behind the scenes at Age of Air

Hi! My name is Rebeccah Dean and I don’t know who I am.

No, I take that back. I am – and have been – many things: A writer, a long-time expat/recent dual citizen (US-German), a former aspiring opera singer, a jewellery maker, a mom. With Gemini on my Mid-heaven, I’m a person whose place in the world is defined by multi-tasking and wearing many hats. Who I am is constantly shifting and adapting, and that’s a good thing.

Along the way, astrology, tarot and – more recently – magic have been constant companions. For me, these three disciplines are not something to “believe” in any more than we are asked to believe in air. Rather, each is an exquisite tool that can be used to help us see and sense more clearly.

Astrology has helped me see myself more clearly, to recognize my gifts as well as accept my limitations. It has helped me get ready for the future and better analyze the past. With my knowledge, I use timing techniques to launch new important projects/events to better boost their outcome, and help others do the same.

While astrology is left-brained, abstract and technical, tarot is a right-brained feast, images telling stories transmitted beyond words. Ask the cards a well-worded question and they will give you an answer – but be forewarned. It may not be the one you would like to hear. The cards tell a naked truth, no holds barred.

As for magic, it’s a little of each of these and more.

What I write and talk about.

When it comes to astrology, I make astrological forecasts, dive into moon cycles, play astrological natal chart guessing games, and more. I mix modern psychological astrology with more traditional techniques. I seek to take a grounded, honest approach where I focus on the positive but don’t hold back when more negative things need to be said.

I weave tarot into my posts, tell stories with the cards and plan to offer subscriber-based readings sometime down the road.

As for magic, this whole damn thing is magic, or at least in feels like it to me. When the mood takes me, I suggest rituals that suit the astrological weather as well as present electional charts that can be used for specific purposes and/or creating talismans.

Welcome to the Age of Air! I’m glad that you’re here.