My name is Rebeccah Dean and I’m interested in seeing the world as clearly as possible.

That’s what led me to astrology. No New Age nonsense, no navel-gazing impulses, no self-indulgent -tions, like transformation, self-actualization, so on and so forth.

I came to astrology because it’s a wicked (and extremely complex) tool that helps you see deeper into time. This mean past, present and future, your life and the life of others. In more cosmic terms, if I may, it will teach you the macrocosm/microcosm worldview might just be the right one after all.

What I write about

For the most part, I prefer not to take a particularly structured approach. Occasionally I’ll analyze a chart and make you guess who I’ll talking about. Sometimes I present a hoary chart to let you see how bad ass this form of astrology is.

Once in a while I’ll write about the current astro weather, when something particularly important comes around. I also might write about other stuff I’m into like divination (geomancy, Marseille Tarot, etc.), magic (especially astral magic) and other things that float my boat. I promise I’ll try my best not to make it boring.

My (astro) background

Rather than adding more blah-blah here, why don’t you just swing by the bio page on my website. I keep it pretty up to date on what I’m up to astro wise.

What does Astro WMM stand for?

It can stand for a lot of stuff: Astro world microcosm macrocosm, Astro witches magical magnificence, Astro warrior mighty muscles, Astro women makin’ moolah, the list goes on. To be honest, I just thought it had a nice ring to it.