Awesome Elections: Kung Fu and Cooking


On November 28 there’s an awesome election for starting a new project or endeavour with a Mars signature. This election gives you drive, willpower and helps spur you into action which is lasting, since Scorpio is a fixed sign.

Mars also rules the 5th house in the chart, which is the house of pleasure and enjoyment, so whatever Mars activity you initiate at this time should also be a lot of fun for you.

The technical astro details

This chart is for Sunday, November 28 at 6:31 am and is timed for my timezone in Berlin, Germany (CEST). It features:

  • Mars directly on the Ascendant at around 19 degrees of Scorpio

  • The Moon on the MC at around 14 degrees of Virgo

If you need to relocate this chart for your timezone, make sure Mars is within five degrees of the ascendant and that the Moon is between 10 to 18 degrees of Virgo (the next aspect it makes should be either a trine to Venus or a Sextile to Mars for the election to work).

What to use it for

This election is ideal to start any sort of task that requires physical exertion, like starting a new fitness routine or learning something like martial arts or sword fighting, if that’s your thing. It’s an especially great election if you usually struggle with working out, because the Mars in Scorpio combined with the fifth house will help give you stick-with-it power for sports that make you break a sweat, while still promising ultimate enjoyment.

With its detail-oriented Virgo moon and harmonious aspect to Venus in Capricorn, this election would also be really great to starting a new creative project that has a Mars quality to it (i.e. involves exertion, intensity, fire and/or sharp, poky things). For example, you could:

  • start a cooking class (Mars is definitely into all that heat and knives)

  • start a metalwork project

  • learn to glaze pottery

  • sign up for a Capoeira course (dance AND combat, the perfect mix here!)

However, the election is not ideal for starting writing projects, even Hemingway-esque projects about war Mars would dig, because Mercury (the planet of writing) is in its sign of detriment and combust, which means it’s not functioning well enough to offer enough support.

How to use it

To use elections, you need to make some sort of concrete action to get the ball rolling at the time of the election. For example, you could go jogging at the exact time of the election if that’s what you want to start, start melting down metal at the elected time to launch new jewelry projects or sign up for a Kung Fu course at the exact time (tip if you’re not a morning person=schedule the e-mail so that it’s sent off at the right time. That’s enough!)

To find out how to use this election magically (which is what I plan to do), you can purchase Nina Gryphon’s Magical Elections PDF here.

Happy enjoyable Mars-ing!