Jupiter in Pisces: A Tarot Reading

It’s finally (almost) here! May 13, the day Jupiter ingresses into Pisces, a sign it traditionally rules.

Jupiter is the planet that rules things like wealth, growth, expansion, optimism, spirituality and higher learning. It’s a solution-oriented planet that likes to help where it can. In 2020, Jupiter was in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, which is the sign of its fall.

When a planet is in its fall, it doesn’t function well and struggles to deliver on its promises and potential. In the collective, Jupiter in its fall generally marks a period with significantly less growth. For example, the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn before 2020 was in 2008, which was at the height of the Global Economic Recession.

Things were even more extreme in 2020, when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn. Pluto amplifies anything that it touches and tends to give planets a “dirtier”, more extreme edge. When it joined up with Saturn, the planet that rules restrictions, limitations, borders and boundaries, we got a period where many of us were literally trapped inside of our homes – Jupiter in Capricorn was offline in its fall, and therefore couldn’t offer much in the way of help.

When Saturn and Jupiter ingressed into Aquarius at the end of 2020, things improved to a certain degree. However, Aquarius is still a Saturn-ruled sign traditionally, so Jupiter was still not given free range to be, well, Jupiter.

That will all change on May 13 or 14 depending on where you live in the world when Jupiter finally moves into Pisces!

Pisces is the nocturnal or yin home of Jupiter, which makes his energy more inward and emotional than in extroverted, fiery Sagittarius, which is the other sign he rules. Although Jupiter in Pisces can be helpful for wealth in the financial sense, this is also a great placement for growth in wealth of the spirit.

If you have a spiritual, philosophical or magical practice, or have been considering exploring one, Jupiter in Pisces will be a great time to get started.

We’ve also been living in a stiff upper lip/grin and bear it Saturnian world for a while now, and Jupiter in Pisces may be a period where we are more emotive in a positive way.

However, May 13/14’s welcome shift to Jupiter in Pisces will be more a glimpse of the future rather than a permanent shift to something new: the planet will go retrograde on June 20 and return to Aquarius on July 28 where it will remain until December 29, 2021.

Tarot Reading for Jupiter in Pisces

Since Jupiter will only be in Pisces for around two months in 2021, I decided to do a tarot reading to find out what we can learn. The reading I did is called the French Cross, which is similar to the more ubiquitous Celtic Cross, but shorter and more to the point.

The question I asked: What can we learn from this two-month period when Jupiter is in Pisces?

The first card I drew was the Judgement card, which stands for the situation at hand. An angel on high is making a loud declaration to the three figures below, who are wringing their hands in anticipation. You see the card closer here.

This period when Jupiter is in Pisces will likely bring good news and long anticipated announcements.

The second card, which crosses the first, is the Wheel of Fortune. This card describes what helps or hinders the situation. The Wheel or Fortune speaks to change and motion. While Jupiter is in Pisces this year, things will be looking up, at least for some.

Fortune has little to do with fairness and can sometimes be quite arbitrary and “blind”. Sometimes it blesses the cruel and stupid with good fortune while passing by those more deserving or pure of heart. Therefore, there will be help some and misfortune for others, but at least things will be set in motion.

The third card is advice for a way to move forward. For this, I pulled the Tower. The Tower is a card of destruction and drama, which brings a loud boom. Perhaps instead of advice, this is a warning? Jupiter in Pisces will bring a sense of change and buoyant optimism, but the square between Uranus and Saturn will be exact again on June 15, which may bring protest and revolt. It may be that the force of this energy takes center stage for a bit.

The fourth card stands for the future or outcome. For this, I pulled the Temperance card. This two-month period with Jupiter in Pisces will bring good news (Judgement), change (Wheel of Fortune) and some drama (the Tower), but in the end we will return to quiet, prudent and careful moderation and measurement: Jupiter will be back in the Saturn-ruled Aquarius before we know it, where he works on establishing more humane ways acting in the world, but in a more methodical, cool-headed and static manner.

The fifth card is the synthesis of the reading, which helps give context. You get it by adding up the numbers of all the cards. In this case, the cards added up to 60.

6+0=6, which is the Lovers.

Unlike the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Marseille Tarot I’ve used for the reading shows three figures on the Lovers card, a man and two women. Both women want him, but can’t decide between the two. This is a card of indecision and stalemate, a damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

It makes me think of politicians in Germany as well as elsewhere these days. For example, if they choose to keep shops closed it will be bad for business and the economy, but if they choose to open them too soon, the numbers will go up. Either way, the decision you make is going to piss off someone. I’m glad I’m not the one having to make these kinds of decisions…

And the cards say we should ultimately be prepared to return to this.

Although I read the tarot for clarity, even if what I see if not what I wish were true, I have to admit I was disappointed with this reading. So I decided to do one more with the question: What is the best thing about the two months Jupiter will be in Pisces? It is Jupiter after all!

I pulled the Pope, the Sun and the Tower (again).

At first I interpreted the answer as follows: If the Uranus Saturn square brings us revolt or civil unrest (the Tower) when it becomes exact again in June, Jupiter in Pisces will ensure that we have an authoritative, knowledgeable wise counsel who can offer advice (the Pope) and we will still have plenty of time for carefree happiness with others (the Sun), which all of us could use by now.

But then I thought, is that really the best these two months have to offer. It is Jupiter after all…

This reading is what came to mind: While Jupiter is in Pisces we will have the chance to learn valuable lessons from a religious or spiritual teacher (the Pope), or perhaps just Jupiter himself and what we learn will help us break down rigid inner constructions and mindsets that no longer serve us (the Tower). By doing so, we will gain confidence and happiness and the potential for companionship (Sun).

Thanks, Jupiter!