Tarot Reading for the Libra Full Moon

On March 28, 2021 we will have a Full Moon in Libra. This Full Moon is the culmination of the super dreamy, hazy glamour of the New Moon in Pisces that took place on March 13.

This time around, instead of starting with the astrology, I thought I’d flip things around and pull the cards first.

What will the Libra Full Moon on March 28 bring us?

For this question, I pulled three cards and one extra: The Four of Pentacles, the Queen of Cups, the King of Cups and then the Devil on top.

Could this perhaps be the “hangover” of the boundless (illusory) Pisces/Neptune New Moon? The Queen of Cups and the King of Cups speak to people still embodying the poetic, emotional, oceanic flair the Pisces New Moon brought us. However, the Four of Pentacles, the tarot suit symbolizing the Earth element, speaks to feeling stifled and trapped by everyday material demands.

And the Devil? That old horny beast (perhaps quite literally) speaks to a fixation we’re having a difficult time letting go of.

Bondage, obsession, blinded by desire, these are the words that fit the Devil card. If your Pisces New Moon experience brought up something that felt too good to be true, you may be starting to realize this is exactly what it was.

A bit of a tough reading and quite the come down from the Piscean Neptune high. Therefore, I asked another question to help us out.

How can we deal with this situation?

For this reading, I pulled three cards: the Ace of Rods, the Moon and the Two of Swords.

To deal with this possible emotional hangover/disappointment, we have two choices (Two of Swords): a new fiery start or break (Ace of Rods) or wallowing a bit in self-pity or denial (the Moon).

The blind-folded eyes of the figure seem to suggest we may not yet be ready to decide, so I suggest we ride it out.

Now let’s look at the chart.

Like the Pisces New Moon, this Libra Full Moon is very powerful and (quite literally) packs a punch.

Here’s a breakdown of this Full Moon’s features:

Mercury and Pisces conjunct Neptune speaks to tendency here for unclear thinking. As I mentioned in my podcast, Mercury is in both it’s detriment and fall in Pisces, which can lead to communication problems and, especially with Neptune so close, the tendency to hang on to the idea that all that glitters MUST be gold. This watery sentiment gets heated up to a boil by the square to Mars, an aspect that is separating but still fairly close.

On a positive note, this energy could bring potency to your dreams or flights of poetic fancy.

However, on the the 28th, as well as a few days before or after, choose your battles wisely. The combination of these energies definitely holds the potential to have you start tilting at windmills, so watch out for that and try to keep your head.

Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, and Venus is in Aries at “the heart of the Sun.” This describes when a planet is within one degree in the same sign as the Sun. When this happens, traditional astrologers said that this planet gets “an audience with the King” and has their needs and wishes heard and granted.

Venus is about relationships, but in Aries, she’s not about harmony, at least not harmony that requires her to hold her tongue.

Both she and the Sun are trine a supercharged Mars conjunct the North Node. A trine is a harmonious aspect and it speaks to the chance to speak bold, assertive words, particularly within relationships. Since both the Sun and Venus are tightly conjunct Chiron, what you need to speak of may have to do with very deep wounds that need to finally be addressed in the name of healing.

If you are a person who normally holds their tongue, this is a great opportunity to finally get things off your chest. However, caution is still advised because of the unclear thinking baked into this moon.

For more about what kinds of topics this Full Moon might bring up in your life, take a look at the houses in your chart on the Libra/Aries access.

This energy can speak to whatever came up for you in the Pisces New Moon as well as the Libra New Moon, which took place on September 28, 2020.

My experience with the Pisces New Moon

Since this moon cycle is rather intense, I thought I’d share what came up for me around the Pisces New Moon.

As I mentioned in the New Moon podcast, the Piscean energy fell into my 7th house, which is the house of relationships. This is the classic Don Juan configuration, and that’s exactly what happened.

In my dreams, that is.

On the night of the Pisces New Moon I dreamt I got seduced by the singing comedian Randy Rainbow. I left my husband and ran away with him to go live in his beautiful, dreamy mansion in Quebec, right by a lake – fitting for this ultra watery New Moon energy!

Randy Rainbow, whose work is love, is super gay and he was in the dream too. But this didn’t make a difference because we were in love. At one point I told him if we got married that I would take his name because Rebeccah Rainbow is the coolest name ever. He gave me his whatever-queen look and said, “My real name is Eli Wachowsky.”

The next night I dreamt that I ran away with Don Draper from Mad Men. I don’t remember much about that dream except that we were cruising around in a dreamy, sea-green MCM convertible, kind of like the car in this post.

Besides being goofy and kind of funny, I thought I’d share this experience because it’s, well, super ordinary.

These were Don Juan figures, sure, delivered in a very Pisces/Neptune manner (dreams). The setting and the props also perfectly set the tone.

However, it didn’t make a major impact on my life and no guy stood outside my window with a boombox a la Say Anything.

I think this is an important point to keep in mind.

Personally, I think tarot is often matter of fact in its messages, but astrology can sometimes seem larger than life. The system describes energy and events that are ahead, but it still can’t tell you exactly how they will manifest. That’s where speculation, interpretation and analysis (i.e. looking at similar cycles in the past both in your personal life or history) come in.

If you pay attention, you can see how the energy unfolds, but it might just be a couple of romantic dreams that my husband luckily has enough of a sense of humor to get a kick out of.

Although this might sometimes be disappointing when something held promise (like this New Moon), it can also be a relief to keep in mind when a rather heinous aspect is coming up.